wump services inc is now Gnoshme

Gnoshme is a Denver based technology company owned and run by Keith Hunniford.

Gnoshme builds and nurtures website assets for profit and sale, and services a select client base of small business startups.

in a nutshell

In a nutshell, Keith Hunniford and Gnoshme use primarily the Ruby on Rails application development framework to build great solutions adopting Lean process techniques through an Agile development approach.

areas of expertise

Keith Hunniford spent many years in the e-commerce small business world where he succcessfully built an "app store" like asset which he sold in 2006. Since then, he has been a key player in the development of an enterprise level social media monitoring tool in the PR Industry. The two extreme worlds of small business and The Enterprise allow two valuable perspectives; what it's like to be small, and what it's like to get big. In a world of changing business and software strategies he can bring the right mix of tools and development approaches to any situation.

Gnoshme philosophy

Keith Hunniford has a knack for taking complicated ideas and turning them into simple actionable steps. Before any project he goes through the process of making sure that customers are focused on the right questions, rather than running full speed ahead towards preconceived answers. In all opportunities there are simple more elegant solutions that only someone with one foot in "product" and one foot in "technology" can suggest.

Gnoshme history

Wump Services Inc encorporated in the US in 1998 and was formerly known as October House International in Europe. Wump Services became Gnoshme LLC in 2011.

Keith Hunniford, owner of Gnoshme was born and raised in Ireland. After attending an English University he moved to mainland Europe where he worked inside the European Commission before moving to the US.

products, services & availability

Due to demand, bandwidth for new projects and clients is extremely limited. Currently only high level internet strategy consultancy is being considered.